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This Page is designed to allow anyone who has made interesting graphics pertaining to class themes/motifs to display their images/artwork to fellow students.  The goal is to make a virtual collouge for our wiki!


Please do not post any images already found on the wiki or any non-original images.  Feel free to post any images related to our class.


Here is my artist's impression of Molly. She is described in the book as a femme fatal with optical enhancements and scalpel-like razors protruding from her burgundy nails

My View of the He, She and It world

This is my impression of the world in He, She and It as decribed in the novel. The world is a baron wasteland where the only locations for clean living are found within the artificial environments of the Multis. This is represented by the green spheres on the picture. The orbiting station is another multi and is important for the picture because it is the location of several main characters throughout the novel.

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