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This page is created to discuss the class' opinion on biology vs technology. Things like whether advancement through technological means should be considered evolution and how technology affects our role in natural selection. With continuous technological advancements to our bodies, will there be a need for biological evolution anymore and what could be the consequences if that be the case.

Evolution: Is Technology a Part?

I don't think that advancement through the use of technology, like in Schismatrix, can be considered evolution because evolution is usually seen as a biological phenomena. Evolution is a genetic change that continues on through the generations to come. Technology can't be passed genetically to the next generation and thus every generation would have to undergo technological advancements. Also, technology could fail at any given point leaving us humans, who have become too dependent on it, at a complete loss.

I have to agree with the sentiment that technology is a part of evolution. Technology to serve as tools to accelerate the capabilities of humans. The very goal of technology should be to enable humans to complete tasks faster and more efficiently, essentially making people better versions of themselves. Even when taken from a genetic standpoint, technology has become a very large part of our evolutionary process. With the way technology has spread across the world, it is almost impossible to be uninfluenced by technology in some form. In short, a person who is unable to utilize or manipulate technology to its fullest extent simply do not have as high of a chance of survival when compared to someone who knows the technology inside and out.

Technology's Effect on Natural Selection

By using technological advancements to surpass the limitations of the body, we get rid of the process of natural selection. If the technology gets rid of the limitations, then there is no need for a biological evolution to occur to improve the limitation through natural selection. As a result, natural selection would be taken out of the equation and it would come down to the group with the best technology go on to survive.

The notion that those with the better technology are more likely to survive can be seen as a form of selection in itself. The phrase "the survival of the fittest" can still very well be applied, except those who adapt faster to their local environment are those who can utilize technology better instead of through biological means.

For this new day and age of technology, it definitely changes how the "fittest" survive in the world. Most of the time, it is the individuals who have access to the more advanced technology who survive longer. Perhaps soon, the phase will become "survival of the smartest."

Importance of Biological Evolution

Biological evolution is very important to society. And with natural selection, and thus biological evolution, take out of the picture due to technological advancements to surpass our limitations, there would be no biological change to overcome the limitations. Without that, the generations after will will still the limitation until they suppress it with technology as well. Over time, if technology eventually deteriorates, our limitations will be even more obvious and hindering than because we have neglected them for all those years and forced biology off its course in improving these limitations. As a result, we would become vulnerable to being the species excluded in the next natural selection cycle.

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