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Readings to Movies

Some very popular movies have been made from the ideas of books we have read. These movies have become very popular among the general population of our country where as the books have not garnered as much attention. Some examples of the movies that have been created from the ideas of our books are:

Neuromancer - The Matrix

Neuromancer - Terminator

He, She and It - Terminator

The Girl That Was Plugged In - Gamer

The Matrix

The Matrix.jpg
The Matrix used many of the ideas from Neuromancer to create the wildly popular motion picture that it is today. The Matrix is about a alternate world where there are no boundaries and no limitations. This world is populated by both humans and computer programs that interact together with each other without knowing it. Neo falls in love with the matrix because, as "The One", he has no limitation as to what he can do inside the Matrix.

Different ideas that The Matrix uses from Neuromancer:

-Case's ability to "Jack in" to the matrix

-The idea of "The Matrix" itself is based on the cyberspace in Neuromancer known as "the matrix".

-Neo's interaction with computer programs in the Matrix like Case's interactions with Wintermute and Neuromancer.

Anymore ideas on how the Matrix draws ideas from Neuromancer would be greatly appreciated.

The Matrix


Terminator Salvation.jpg
In Terminator Salvations there are many themes that correlate to books like Neuromancer and He, She and It. The plot is about a cyborg names Marcus who looks exactly like a human from the outside, but on the inside he has a completely mechanical endoskeleton that was created by Skynet. Once the resistance fighters discover this they first look to him as an enemy even though Marcus believes himself to be human. To the human's surprise Marcus fights alongside them in the battle against Skynet and eventually helps destroy the Skynet headquarters as well as save the lives of many humans including John Connor. Connor needed a heart transplant and Marcus gave up his heart and life to save John saying,"Everyone deserves a second chance." alluding to the second chance he received from the resistance even though he was made by Skynet.

Ways Terminator Salvation uses ideas from our readings:

-The way Marcus acts as a cyborg is similar to the way Yod acts in He, She and It

-Marcus looks and talks exactly like a human yet he is a cyborg, the exact same could be said about Yod in He, She and It

-Like in Neuromancer, Skynet is operated by a superior AI, kind of like Wintermute and Neuromancer

Anymore Ideas about how Terminator Salvation uses ideas from these two books would be greatly appreciated.


The movie Gamer is almost exactly like the book, The Girl That Was Plugged In. In the movie there is a video game called "Society" which basically is a advanced version of the sims but instead of a Sims character you control an actual human being who is payed to let a player take over their life. People pay to play as the same person every time so not-so good looking person can take control of a very attractive woman and no one can tell the difference. People also are allowed to take control of players in shooting games that actually use real people as characters. This movie uses a very amplified theme from The Girl That was Plugged In.

Ways that Gamer uses ideas from The Girl That Was Plugged In.

-People can take control of other people's bodies like Burke taking control of Delphi.

-Actual people can interact with these controlled persons like Paul interacts with Delphi.

-John Tillman (main character) tried to find the person who is controlling his wife, kind of like the way Paul finds Burke who is in control of Delphi.

Anymore ideas about how Gamer relates to The Girl That Was Plugged In would be greatly appreciated.

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