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Things you like about the class 


  • I enjoy the show and tell style of BoingBoing and Badges Days. It brings a feeling of discovery and wonder to see so many cool things being done. it makes me interested enough to look out for more of these intriguing hacks in the future.
  • I think that the literature chosen for the class and the way they all seem to tie into one another under the theme of Cyberpunk is pretty amazing. All of these authors seem to be reading each other's books and stories and writing their own take on the philosophies and themes presetned within the genre, as well as adding new themes. One of the the themes Themes that I enjoy discussing in the class that was presented by the novels and short stories was what are the defining charactersistics of humanity , from sexuality[1] to emotion to consciousness. All of these concepts we explored to great depth within the classes and on the wiki, both in the abstract sense and within the context of the authors. I also enjoyed discussing the virtual vs. reality theme, both in its role in literature, as well as its ever growing role in our society with video games, and role playing websites, and MUDD's. 
  • I think that the class discussions were very interesting. I liked all of the themes that were presented in class and they posed some very interesting questions. I also enjoyed the hacker convention. It was very cool to see what kind of works everyone could do.
  • I loved the discussions we did in class. They really opened me up to topics and insights I would probably never have come across or considered in such depth. I have begun to like the cyberpunk genre and now often think a lot about our future (humanity's future) in terms of how technology is rapidly growing and advancing and what it all means. This class has given me a new perspective in analyzing things around me.
  • I think that the general idea of the wiki is good. It is something new and something that I have learned a lot about. I hope there will be future instances when I can use these skills.
  • The discussions in class were excellent. I liked how the groups were able to present ideas and then Famiglietti would bounce other ideas off people. It was a great way to keep the discussion going and open up new ideas.
  • Personally I really enjoyed the discussions we have had throughout the semester. This class provided me with information in something I had absolutely no prior experience in working. I really felt as though I was truly questioning what I knew and what definitions for terms I took for granted, like the definition of what is real.
  • I enjoyed most of the readings and thought that they were well thought out. However, I believe some of them did were a bit long and would have been better analyzed with a longer time period.
  • This class had the most cohesive theme of any English class I've ever taken. I felt that almost everything we read in class was connected, which kept me engaged and focused. The ideas in the class built upon each other for the whole semester, which is something I've never experienced in an English class before.
  • This class was something to look forward to. I loved the books, stories, and works we read. They all were different in their own way but kept the same class them e somehow. BoingBoing and Badges Day was the best part of the class. It never seemed to bore anyone. It was a great release to two days of work. The group projects were the second best part. I love how each group member was able to contribute and the artifacts that were presented at the end. 
  • The theme for this class was definitely a very interesting one and one that easily related to most college students. It was an eye-opener too because being presented with things that can be caused by technological dependence, like in Flesh Made Word, and we can try to avoid overuse of technology. The cyberpunk topic linked very well with Sci-Fi which made the books and stories a very interesting read as well. The hacker convention was a fun idea although it might have been more fun if it was publicized around the school and brought in a huge crowd.
  • I really enjoyed the literature that was selected for our readings, as well as the discussion nature of the course. I found all of the readings to be excellent and looked forward to reading all of them, but the class discussions were what really pulled the course together in the end. By hearing a wide variety of opinions and thoughts from different people, it really opened up a lot of new avenues of thought that I never would have thought of exploring myself.
  • I love to develop our own project in this class which make hacker theme more in practical sense. I also like the BoingBoing and Badge day which provide us a great platform for exchange the idea of hacking and understanding of hacking.
  • I started to enjoy the class now in the end of the semester. The group project was fun, and I learnt a lot from it. Also the wiki page, which I didn't really understand how it worked in the beginning of the year, is a great way of together discuss and share information about our class readings and discussion. I wish I would have known more about the wiki page earlier so that I could have contributed more.

Things you dislike about the class

  • I feel the badges were extremely tedious and demotivated me from going above and beyond in the class like I naturally would have. Instead badges forced and narrowed creativity. It often felt overwhelming seeing how many badges are assigned well past after the first half of the semester. It has been a mystery trying to figure out what I have in the class at any point during the semester because grades barely went up or came so late that revision of anything along with badges was just too depressing. Here are some statistics to consider: Assuming wiki badges are independent and require unique significant contributions, for Gold level you would be required to make 25 edits + 20 (Significant contributions to pages) + 15 (significant contributions to discussion tab pages) = 60 significant contributions. This number may or may not correlate to the number of entries on your "My contribution" user page. If you choose to do Archeological and pioneer badges, you are required to create a whole page and restore another. Hypothetically for an A in wiki assignments, from only 5/6 badges, you are required 75 significant unique contributions, and draft 1.5 page on the wiki. That is out of 1000 points (including conversion essays... what are those?) the 5/6 wiki badges discussed are 12.5% of your total grade. Please check my math. I posted this just to see what other people think. I am trying to analyze the work in this class quantitatively.
  • I feel that badges having no hard deadlines to turn them in hurt their learning quality. Instead of gradually reviewing my own works, they felt like a rushed and tedious summary of my previous work.
  • I feel like the things on the wiki are very difficult to post/get to. Sometimes it is easier to just use pen and paper and turn it in manually. The amount of time searching and editing I feel as though I could have done the work itself.
  • It seemed to me that there really wasn't enough time in class for everyone to participate in discussions, especially if you're not the type of person to interrupt or interject when someone else is speaking. I know I feel extremely uncomfortable with that, and if the topic moves on before I get a chance to say what's on my mind, I just shelve those thoughts away, and end up not contributing.
  • The badge system felt like we had to choose our own grade and then justify it. While it encouraged critical thinking about our own work, I often felt like it put the creative process in a straightjacket, since the guidelines were generally quite strict. Overall, I think a more standard grading system is superior since creativity feels less stifled.
  • The only thing I disliked about the class was the badges. It seemed as if we had to apply for our grades. More work was put into the badges than the actually class work. I feel like we focused too much on them, instead of focusing more of the work the badges were about. Also, if we made a mistake and didn't mark the badge level we wanted we would get a zero, that shouldn't be the case.
  • The badges were definitely the worst part of the class. A lot of the requirements asked for ridiculous things such as documentation of comments made in class. It just seems like an unnecessary hassle for the students and the professor even though the idea of justifying your grade doesn't seem terrible.
  • The badge system make 3 credit hour course become 5 credit hour course. After spending long times on editing wiki, working on project, writing reflection essay, we also need to write essay for grading which really time and energy consuming. Besides, as an international student, I feel like reading materials are too many to read and too hard to understand. I was struggled especially on long novels.
  • As both a international student and a slow reader I had big difficulties when it came to keeping up with the readings. I think it sometimes was too much reading and too little time. I am also not the person that without any problem will raise my hand and talk all class, I probably need to work on it myself but maybe we could have done some different exercises where it could be easier to participate. The purpose behind the badges I think is good, but it feels like it was a little too much and that we didn't really get fully informed about all of them in the beginning of the semester.

How to improve this class


  • I think it would have been beneficial to walk through more badges in class to ensure that students kept up with them throughout the semester.
  • I think that we would have had better discussions in class if we had gone through the books at a slower pace (and thus read one fewer book). There were a few occasions where I rushed through the reading and so didn't digest it as well as I would have liked, and I think that this was due to the volume of reading necessary.
  • Things that could improve are the badge system, maybe less focus on the badge itself. Maybe not as much reading but one more essay. A different grade distribution would be better also, class participation is graded to highly.
  • Removing one or two of the article readings to make for a slower pace on the books would have worked out well-- while the hackers excerpt was nice, some of the things we looked through felt rushed, and unclear. The readings were great, but the badge system needs work. It complicated the process of reading and editing, and made for some rather hurried, bad looking works.
  • I belie
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