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After one semester's learning, everyone knows more and more about hacker community. I believe more and more people would love to join this community and do more hacking after class. Here we provide a platform for us to share our idea about any hacker projects, to team up together with each other working on different projects, and to extend our hacker conversion projects.

Projects extension

Everyone could post their projects for further "hacking"!

My group in the 9:00 session (though I attend the 11:00 class) was hoping to build a Hackintosh to run as a server with as a media solution to streaming video and audio to other computers across multiple operating systems. The data would be private obviously and password protected along with a user-friendly interface for streaming. We succeeded in all aspects of the project except constructing software (or building off of existing open source software) for the user interface across multiple platforms. Right now it is very "Mac friendly" meaning it essentially works very nicely for all Apple prodcuts, from Iphones to ipads to Macbooks. All can stream easily without complexity. Files can still be transferred to Windows or Linux through SFTP or other protocols but we are lacking the skill necessary to write the user interface that could be used across operating systems. Who knows, mabye this goal was just unreachable, but I thought I'd post and see if anyone has any suggestions for ideas for this part of the project that we could not think of. Here is a link to our blog: 

Ideas for New Projects

Ideas for new hacking project. Feel free to post anything!

  • DIY Spectrophotometer (For any biochemistry undergrads like me who are decent with electrical circuits and love having these "expensive" tools dumb-ed down and in their own "home laboratories".
  • DIY Speaker with Speaker Cabinets. Diaphragms made form cow hide or some other unique/unorthodox material. Experiment with unusual cabinet shape, i.e. cylinder, sphere. Can theoretically reduce standing waves in cabinet.

Getting to know each other

Everyone could post their profile or introduction about themselves to get to know each other and easier to get involve in a project!

I have had an idea for a very long time, and I need a CS major or someone with great Computer Programming skill to go through with it. It has to do with detecting cancer from DICOM (Medical images i.e. MRI's CT scans PET etc.) using fractal geometry. You can check out the idea [| here]. I am confident in the Biology and Math aspects, but CS is somewhere I need help. This is almost a 2 year old idea, quite ambitious, resource hungry, and needs to be brushed up for display, but the old content is still on my blog. If any CS major is interested, let me know email me. -Mayank Tahilramani

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