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Portal 2 is the sequel game to the acclaimed puzzle/maze game Portal, with the addition of new tools at your disposal your mind is the limit to how you can utilize the world around you to complete the puzzle/mazes given to you.



Like the first game, Portal 2 is a first person shooter where the player fires "portals" that open a void between spaces. They allow the player to navigate and complete the puzzle-like levels. These "portals" connect to one another and allow the player to instantaneously travel between the two portals. But in this installment your tool set is expanded via in level "experimental technology" which is level dependent that include 3 different kinds of gels, which when applied to the floors/walls/ceilings cause them to gain certain properties, a "Hard Light Bridge" that can be sent through your portals so that you can make barricades or bridges over dangerous ares, and a tractor beam type thing called an "Excursion Funnel" which allows you to create tunnels through your portals. Also in some of the levels you there is an obstacle/tool called a faith plate which basically launches you in the direction that is indicated, allwing you to traverse pits and large distances quickly.

Connections to Class Discussions(Spring 2011)

Based on a hack

The game is based on the ability to create portals which allow you to make use of the world around you in ways that otherwise would not be even possible. For instance, you can link portals together in such a way that you can continuously fall and increase momentum. You can then plant another portal and with this momentum launch yourself across pits or on top of ledges otherwise unaccessible. Also with the new "experimental technology" at your disposal you can even do things like put a gel on a wall which didn't have the ability to hold a portal on it and after the gel is applied, the surface becomes a perfectly viable portal holding surface. Thus another example of how the game freely allows you to hack the world around you so that you can use it to help you in completing each level.

The Winter Market

The Infinite Loop

This game in many ways makes the gamer take on a mind set similar to Rubin and how he takes pieces of technology and reuses them for his own purposes. This is accomplished in the game by making you use the portals and the other technology at your disposal to solve each level.


In the game, the AI, GLaDOS, and the new AI Wheatly are similar to that of Wintermute in the novel because they both enlist your participation in tests. Case was enlisted to do Wintermute's bidding

just as the player is enlisted to do the bidding of the AI. Neither have any idea what the true motives of the AI are, but are forced to complete the tasks at hand. The AIs also have the ability to control the entire facility and see what is going on through out its interior like Wintermute with all the places that it had authority over.

He, She and it

In "He, She and it" the question of whether a machine can ever be considered a human and what exactly makes something or someone human is brought up frequently. Though it isn't a main theme of "Portal 2," it can clearly be seen that the AIs in the game have developed a sense of personality and if not for there machine bodies could easily be mistaken for another human. Another thing that further pushes this question in the game is that SPOILER ALERT we find out or at least are given clues that the AI GLaDOS is actually the personality of one of the main CEO's of the company that you are testing things for that was downloaded on to a computer, but has gone rouge. So basically does being a machine with a human's personality as their base for their persona make them human or are they still a machine (Is it required that we remain human to be considered human)?


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