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See Also List of Class Texts by Date of Publication

The following lists the required reading for sections A2, G4, and J3 of English 1102. All students must read the required reading. However, many works of Science Fiction that are not on this list also address our Working Tropes. Students who wish to take on some of this Supplemental reading may find it a useful source of fresh insight to add to our wiki work and class discussions.



Short Stories [note 3]




  1. Frankenstein is available online via Feedbooks: [1]
  2. Accelerando is available online via Feedbooks: [2]
  3. Not all sections are reading the same short stories. Carefully refer to your copy of the course syllabus to determine the required reading for your section
  4. Return to Pleasure Island is available online at [3]
  5. The Machine Stops is available online at [4]
  6. The Communist Manifesto is available online at [5]
  7. Wealth of Nations is available online at [6]
  8. 8.0 8.1 We will not be watching movies in class. See Movie Viewings for how to watch class movies.
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