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Roxxy is the world's first sex robot. Demoed early 2010 at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo and costing around $7000-$9000, Roxxy is made with synthetic flesh with texture that feels like real skin. Roxxy has an extensive AI system that allows her to converse with others and expand her vocabulary. She comes with five different personalities ranging from shy to adventurous. [1]

Roxxy's developer, Douglas Hines, created Roxxy in order to provide "companionship to those who could afford her." Because of her form of companionship, Roxxy can be seen as a real-life example of The Stone Canal's Dee Model, an android created purely for sexual purposes.

Relation to Current reading

He, She and It is notable for featuring sex between a woman and a machine. However the machine, Yod, wasn't built purely for sex but he is capable of it in order to let him fit in better.



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