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Contact Information






Project Information

Main Idea

The main idea for our project is a Georgia Tech themed escape game. The player is charged with the task of escaping the Georgia Tech campus. To accomplish this, he or she is given the choice to accomplish various tasks in different fashions.

Documentation Site

Tech Escape


The blog for this project is located at [1].

Project Badges

Project Proposal Badge

Project Proposal (revision):

Our group project is a computer game based on the genre of point and click escape games that can be found online. The game will draw heavy influences from William Gibson’s “The Winter Market” and other cyberpunk works. As such, main NPC's in the game will heavily mirror Lise and Casey from The Winter Market, as well as Case from Neuromancer. More characters based off of class works may be added as time progresses. The player has control over the decision making throughout the storyline of the game. As discussed in class, games allow their user to transcend real life. Our game parallels these ideas by offering the player a decision-driven plot that not only incorporates class themes, but essentially allows the player to play the role of “the hacker.” The premise of the game allows us to include many classroom themes such as the repurposing of ordinary items, the consequences of relying excessively upon technology, and the influence (or lack thereof) of technological determinism. One of the driving forces behind this game will be a measurement of the player’s dependence on technology. The player has a variety of choices at his or her disposal, and the game will analyze each of these choices to determine the influence that technology has over the user. Ultimately, this analyzation that is built in will answer the question, "Who makes decisions about technology?" The game will be coded in Java and incorporate pictures and media with an applet.

Artifact Proposal

The final project artifact will be a website located on the LCC wiki site. This medium presents numerous advantages to our group, as well as being an ideal choice given the themes of our class. The wiki site allows all group members to actively participate and contribute ideas at any time they choose. The potential for continuous flow of ideas at all times removes the danger of being overly dependent on group meetings to meet goals. Documenting progress on a wiki site also makes it much easier for everyone in the group to stay connected and fully understand what everyone else is doing. As the project unfolds and the goals and tasks become more complex, the wiki site will alleviate some stress that comes from not understanding what is expected of each member.

Wiki sites also display some of the ideas that our course covers. For instance, wiki technology allows our group to rearrange our community. A collaborative area that everyone can access at any time greatly transcends the idea of having to have all members in one physical place to get anything done.

Classmates, professors, and other individuals interested in our ideas are able to visit our site and learn about what we have to talk about. In this manner, our group can easily spread the word to all interested in the course subject matter.

Project Planning

Current Ideas for Project

Tech Escape

  • Inside environment show items you can take/interact with
  • Outside environment show traveling around campus

     -Series of options presented (about 4), some of which lead to dead ends

  •  Photos (run through some filters on photoshop) represent current room/location
  •  Simple, typed commands to navigate/interact with environment (open, close, search, take, etc.), or a series of options (1, 2, 3,...)
  •  Inventory menu that can be accessed by a typed command

     - Examples of items: ID, Room Key, etc.

To Do

  •  Taylor and Roberta: Work on programming for first room, clickable interface
  •  CC and Ian: Design next pathway/room, draw from Winter Market
  •  Dusty: Blog entry (project goals, how we are dividing the work so far).
  •  Group: Revise proposal badge.


  •  Thematic Connections-- The Winter Market
  •  Include Casey, Lise, and Rubin in game
  •  Use of technology
  •  Plot?
  •  Stay human possibly. Also, it might be interesting to have the player eventually "cross over" to the electronic side if we wanted to go that way. Kind of like being inevitably sucked into a black hole. It could make for a "darker" themed game, which fits in with the kind of stories we have been reading.
  •  Escape
  •  Need attractive name to hook people in
  •  Tech/Human connection with choices.


I thought we should have a section for anything that we find that we might want to draw ideas from or include in the game. If you know a game with a feature you like or maybe some interesting/funny facts about Tech include it here.

- Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy game (Might be helpful when planning layout of the graphics):

- Site with some escape games we could possibly model ours after [2]

- Wikipedia page with a list of Tech traditions


Room 1:

Game starts with screen black. Switch to a flickering slideshow of a few disconcerting images, creating sense of creepy confusion. Slideshow abruptly stops and screen goes black. Lighting slowly increases to show bathroom in student center. If possible, music playing (Chopin Op. 62/No.2 or Prelude Op. 28 No. 7 – these songs are good examples of a haunting happy tune, which would work well with the beginning of the game). Player is facing the door of the bathroom with good view of sinks, urinal, and stall doors (if all possible).

Clickable/choose-able objects to examine include sink, urinal, paper towel dispenser, bathroom door, and the toilet stall door/sign on toilet stall door. If the player attempts to leave the room prematurely, he will be prompted to wash his hands, at which point they are shown to be dirty/covered in blood. Hands are washed, player prompted to dry them. ID falls out of paper towel dispenser. Door is now able to be used.

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