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Brainstorming Ideas

  • Mash Up relating Cyber Punk
    • What movie/scenes to use to relate to Cyber Punk?
  • Virtual Environment
    • What kind of virtual environment to make?
    • Make a new one or work on an old open source one?
    • Visual models or words only?
  • Futuristic Website
    • How do you want to make it?
    • What do we want it to contain?
  • Lin City Open Source Editing
    • Where can we find Lin City?
    • How would we want to change it?
  • Abridged Series
    • What series should we use?
    • Should we dub it to follow the story line or our class theme?
  • Rube Goldberg mechanism
    • What should we make the mechanism do?
      • We can maybe make a simple project that dials 911 by just pulling a string.
    • How would we bring it into class?
  • Game making with Unity
    • What kind of game would we make?
    • How complicated is the program to use?
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