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Question 5 for Coray for He, She, and It:

The connection between mind and body is a very close relationship.
The mind is the main command center and controls the body’s desires.
When it comes down to it, many times what people envision is different from what happens realistically or physically.
The contact between Shira and Yod at the base was similar to sex, but only mental. Yod states he wants sex because he expects the result to be much more satisfying, while Shira is a little more doubtful.

- Movie about stealing the "T" (incorporate hacking, etc.)
-The reason to do so is to "keep school tradition"

Scenes for movie:
-Moral scene (should we be doing this?)
-Consumption (being involved with the work hours on end)
-Hacking involved
-Action scene of stealing the T
(Look at Melissa's script)

Group meetings:
Tuesday, February 1, at 8:30PM at the library next to Jazzman's
Thursday, February 17, at 8:30PM for script revision (Library/Jazzman's)
Tuesday, March 1, at 8:30PM for final script revision (Library/Jazzman's)

Zane: Security guard
Melissa: UGA person
Coray: Good guy
Ross: Bad guy/bomber
Slayton: Hacker

Melissa- 770-990-6776 (
Ross- 858-692-5005 (
Coray- 770-715-4659 (
Zane- 404-933-4754 (
Slayton- 706-575-4733 (

February 1: Met at library, went over Melissa's idea/script, distributed parts/roles for movie, determined when/how script will be written (on the wiki by the end of February)

Due February 15:
-Ross: Scenes 1 and 2
-Slayton: Scenes 3 and 4
-Coray: Scenes 5 and 6

Due February 28:
-Ross: Scene 7
-Slayton: Scene 8



A group of Georgia Tech students discuss a possible idea of stealing the “T” from Tech tower.

In the Britain dining hall, Slayton and Melissa have lunch together.

Slayton: I am glad the weekend is finally here. This week was so stressful for me, but whatever. I plan on finishing some code I have been working on.

Melissa: Why don’t you do something school related for once this weekend? You are always on your computer! That can’t be healthy. Go to the basketball game with me!

Slayton: No way! No one in this school has any spirit and I hate it! Past Tech students participated in so many traditions like the freshman cake race, the mini 500, and stealing the T.

Melissa: I think stealing the T is definitely out of the picture nowadays Slayton. No one could pull that off.

Slayton: What are you talking about?! It’s so much easier than you think! Do you know how many times I have accessed and controlled the security cameras on that tower? I can easily break through the walls of its algorithms. I could have the T down in a couple hours if I had the resources…but wait. I think I might! I remember being in contact with an explosive technician on that one forum…Melissa! We are going to steal the T!

Slayton gets up from the table and puts his plate away quickly. Melissa gets up as well and follows Slayton.

Slayton and Melissa discuss the ethics and morals of their plan.

Slayton and Melissa are walking back to their dorms.

Slayton: This could work! I am going to need some help though, including yours.

Melissa stops.

Melissa: Well I don’t know if I want to help. We could get into a lot of trouble. Stealing the T may have been a tradition, but now it’s a crime.

Slayton: Melissa, don’t worry we will be fine. I always commit crimes online, but I don’t get caught! You can trust me with this project. Please, I want to apply my hobby and skills to something other than the cyber world.

Melissa: But…I have never stolen anything.

Slayton: Oh sure you have! I’ve seen you download music online. That’s illegal. In the eyes of the government, music is not free information to be shared without purchasing. Personally, I believe that any information that can be found online is yours for the taking.

Melissa: I guess you’re right. We can’t make this a habit though. What will we do with the T? It won’t be easy to hide.

Slayton: Don’t worry about that. Just leave it to me.

Slayton is thinking to himself that he will sell the T to UGA for a generous amount of money.


Zane: Security guard
Melissa: Security guard 2
Coray: Good guy
Ross: Bad guy/bomber
Slayton: Hacker
Slayton: Alright, tonight we will make history. We will do what no one has yet done before.
Coray: Well, we have to dress the part.  What do hackers look like?
Ross: All black obviously.  Like ninjas.
Slayton: Na, a hacker looks like whatever he wants to look like.  I'll just wear what I'm wearing now. I got your back though. 
Ross: Fine. Let me try these on real quick. (Tries them on and comes back out) How do I look? (Try making your butt look big) Does this make me look fat?
Coray and Slayton: *shaking heads* *rolling eyes*
Slayton: Seriously though, Coray, we've worked so hard on this. I’ve spent days on my algorithm and figuring this all out. Ready?
Coray: I’m ready!

  • back at dorm*
    Slayton: Alright boys. Look here. I drew up a master plan of your routes and times of everything. If you are off by even 10 seconds, things could go wrong. We need to learn our routes and times quickly. I’ll be walking you through this whole process as well. Here take these (Ross and Coray grab ear piece) I will radio in on these things so we can communicate back and forth.
    Coray: What about the security guard that watches over Tech Tower? How are we going to distract him?
    Slayton: That’s the thing. You got to be quick. I’m going to cut the camera for one minute. In that time, both of you have to make up the stairwell and onto the top floor.
    Ross: Easy. I used to do the stairclimber machine so I can go up a flight of stairs fairly quickly.
    Coray: *awkward silence* ..okay dude.

    *Running, ducking, dodging through buildings*
    Coray: Slayton. We are here and ready to go. Over.
    Slayton: Good. Good. On my command run into Tech entrance. Over.
    Coray: Ten four.
    Slayton: Three… two… one… GO! (Slayton hacks the camera system for Tech Tower and disables them)
    (Ross and Coray sprint into Tech Towers and sprints up the flight of stairs)

    *In the mean time, Coray and Ross make it to the top floor of Tech and reach a locked door*
    Ross: I knew this would come in handy! (pulls out a mini bomb).

Coray: OK, lets go!
Slayton: Go to the window. Open it. One of you has to climb out onto the ledge. Use the cables I gave you earlier for support. 
*ledge shots*
*screen fades to white while in the background someone says "good work team we're in the clear*

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