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Final Goal

To evoke an emotional response from human subjects with the use of a simple robot programmed to interact with the participants.


Tamara~ Software-We could use the scribbler idea, but we'd have to come up with an idea to make it follow one of the themes of the stories. Hardware- I'm not so sure Artistic-Or, we could create characters on Second Life and make a video about us discussing themes in a cyber-punk environment! They already have cyber/steampunk themed areas for people to play on, so we could do that. We'd have to come up with a script about what we want to talk about.

Grant- The idea for Second Life is a good one because it relates to the class themes but I think we need to find a way to show how we are "hacking" something in the game.  

Tamara- We can't really "hack" anything because I'm sure none of us knows how to hack, and hacking a game is illegal xDD!

Grant- Luke has the videos that will be used for our rough draft of the final project artifact.  I am going to speak with him later today about the format of the video.  Please email me or leave comments here regarding how you think the artifact should best be formatted. Thanks

Email Addresses

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