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Team Members: 

(Name: Major)

  • Jarvis Johnson: CS
  • Michael Kersh: CompE
  • Darren Sanders: CS
  • Barbara Zappala: CHBE
  • Kelsey Vicente: PTFE

Means of Communication:

Means of Documenting Progress:

  • Videotaping/Recording


1. Software Project

  • Website
  • Game: Text (easier to manipulate), Visual-applied (gets hard to a point)
  • Social Network concept: "upload a consciousness", chatbot
  • Reason behind going for this: 3 out of 5 members have expertise in the "field"

More In-depth Brainstorming:

Game: (visual-applied)

  • Storyline needed
  • Main idea: Rubin on his gomi runs and use his gomi for creations
  • Ties to current class themes: Winter Market (Rubin mainly)
  • Problems:
  1. Time-consuming due to multiple possibilities with items and creations


  • Language used: Python
  • User Interface
  • Embed onto a website (not certain how but in turn perhaps better to use Java)
  • Ties to current class themes: Sherry Turkle, Flesh Made Word
  • Problems:
  1. 2 out of 5 do not have the expertise
  2. Time-consuming (tradeoff: not as expensive)


  • Could use open-source programs and/or another individual's foundation for project
  1. Found a program script to keep the conversation going but with or without user's input considered

Grading FAQS:

  • Emphasis on communication and writing the progression of the project even if the project produces "nothing"
  • Not graded on technical capability
  • Overview of Remaining Semester: Resting novels and the project (after short response) but schedule is up in the air due to people may become bummed for not enough time to work on ambitious projects
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