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My article dealt with Google making cars that run on artificial intelligence, and they are able to make human decisions on the road, and can drive much more efficiently. Do you think that artificial intelligence will become an integral part of our life soon in the years to come? -Sri

I think that is a neat idea for future cars because most people do not know how to drive correctly. I do not believe artificial intelligence will become an integral part of our lives because humanity will eventually be against it. Technology in general will definitely play a significant role in our futures though. -Ross
Yeah Ross you are probably right, but to think it might be weird interacting on an eqaul level with technology, and humans. I guess we sort of do that already with the social networking sites, and the computer software we interact with. Technology does seem to be an integral part of all of our lives. -Sri

I have also posted an article that dealt with making a database for yoga poses, so that teachers cannot claim that they invented them. Do you think this is fair, and how does this relate with the idea of information being free like in the story by Leevy The Hacker? - Sri

Personally, I believe any information that can be found online is free so I see no problem with the creation of a yoga database. Yoga students are just as capable of making their own poses as teachers are so this makes a yoga database fair. -Ross

This page may need some repair work due to excessive length. The editor says that the page is too long. But then again, there isn't much point as the last BoingBoing and Badges Day is almost here. What do you think? Robert'); DROP TABLE Students;-- 05:01, 7 April 2011 (UTC)

It'd be better to have this page hold links to all the other BoingBoing and Badge Days. That is, there'd be links to a BoingBoing and Badge Day 4/8 page and so on. That could be done now, but it'd be a bit of work and kinda useless now. Tanner 15:22, 7 April 2011 (UTC)
Even if there isn't much point for this semester, it might be beneficial to provide a layout for the upcoming semesters if the professor is going to continue BoingBoing and Badges Day. Its already too late to sort out the links for this semester, but I can go ahead and put them into a separate page and link it as a previous semester if you think that would be productive. --Cwisdom3       While the list of hacks is impressive, some of them are irrelevant to the class themes and need to be "trimmed off" so to speak. Let's a do it! -Sean

Our boingboing badge day is now over, but there is still a benefit from the subject by contributing to the boingboing discussion page. This will earn wiki credit.

I think the list of hacks is so extensive, it is a little hard to navigate.  Maybe if we put it in alphabetical order by topic, or maybe in order by date of hack, it will be easier to navigate than the huge long list they are all in now.

I think the BoingBoing assignment as a whole was very interesting.  It allowed the students to not only read about fictional hacks and hacks throughout history but also find hacks that are going on today.  

I think this assignment was good because it showed us how applicable class themes are in the real world.  It was also cool to see all the hacks that are out there and that people are doing all around us.

In class the boing boing was hard to get credit for it seemed like there are so many people who want to present there.

I don't think that's true, when multiple people wanted to present, Famiglietti let them and told presenters to limit their presentation. Furthermore, considering the MASSIVE number of examples that are here on the wiki, I think it's unfortunate just a few people presented on Fridays. Obviously around 10 presentations out of around 200 examples is a really bad ratio to have. --Crossi7 05:18, 22 April 2011 (UTC)

The image on this page is a little big too large, in my opinion.  If someone could scale it down, that would be awesome.

I have gone ahead and transferred all of the Spring 2011 examples into its own page and linked to that for the next semester. There is still no organization at all within the page though, so if someone would like to do that. - Cwisdom3

It would be nice if people added links to pages that are not that well known but still respected in their communities. While the gawker media sites and hackaday are nice, it would be interesting to see all the different types of sites people may visit.

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