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This page is really helpful. I did not know it was here until just now. If I had seen it before, it would have saved me a bit of confusion when I started trying to use the Wiki. It clearly and concisely gives instructions on how to do almost everything you would need to know how to do on the Wiki.

The main page made me lol.

This page is going to help me a lot when I am doing edits.

Added a link to Wikipedia article on editing. Seeing how they created the idea I find that their help pages would be the best.

I had no idea how to upload my pictures but thanks to this page it was easy for me to learn how to do it. Thanks! - Frida

Wow that is a lot easier than what I did to attempt to align my picture. I created an invisible table and tried to make the picture stay in the cell. Yea, and it still failed lol. - pthakore1

I have to agree with everyone else here. This page helped me learn to edit the wiki like a pro. The rich editor makes everything so much simpler, especially when adding pictures. I am glad someone cared to add this page.

This page was very helpful for adding pictures, but most of all learning about the rich editor was the most helpful discovery, Thanks!

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