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There had been some debate over whether or not these pages should be allowed to be constructed in such reflection-oriented format rather than analysis-based. I tried to take everyone's opinions into account when making this policy. Please everyone let me know what they think? --Michael--

I'd like to, also, point out that on the Wiki Policy Page I meant for reflection-oriented format pages to be created and it was my bad for not specifying that by discussion pages I didn't mean the discussion tab only but also content pages that call for opinions and reflections. I edited the Wiki policy page to clarify this at the very top. -pthakore1
I just mentioned this policy change to Famiglietti in class today and he thought that it was a good idea, but it also needs to establish a format for how the pioneer badges should be organized so that they can be reached by our class as editors, but not take away from our wiki's general audience. Any suggestions?

I think we need some sort of policy to promote crosslinking between pioneer pages and promote page discussion. Try and relate all the pages to each other. --Chood 14:27, 28 April 2011 (UTC)

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