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 This page was very help in the early stages of the project.  It allowed the group to share ideas when we were unable to meet.  It was also a good place to share contact information.  It was less helpful though near the end of the project as by then we had already done all of our brainstorming and had each other's phone numbers.  

Our project "The Spatial Dissonator" we need brainstorming during the meeting everytime. Discussions and own thoughts are prepared.

This page didn't seem all that necessary to me because my group communicated through other means (email, our blog, etc.)  Especially after our blog was created, I don't think any of us came back to this wiki page at all, because our blog served all the purposes this wiki did, and more.

There is a new page that has the group's information after the Hacker Convention Page. Maybe this page should be combined with that page to make one page relating to group projects in general. -pthakore1

This page could have been further utized if a group choose to do a wiki as their digital project artifact. It allows means to present data, however it my limits groups to one page (unless they create more) or the type of content they can display. The limitations of this "Group wiki page" is that it can only display Picture and text. I personally prefer blogs, but the alternative thought is still valid. -Mayank

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