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Thoughts and Additions to the Policy Page

  • For those of you that were in Professor Famiglietti's class last semester, I took the grammar and style manual from Buzzpedia and brought it over to this page. Since the original policy guide was strictly for Buzzpedia, I editted it to make it fit SFTropes writing styles including the fact that a lot of the pages are discussion type pages. The discussion pages were made expections to a couple of the rules so that they would still act like a discussion. - pthakore1
Quite honestly this seems like a redundant page to have. Like, to me it seems like it's not really a policy for editing the Wiki as opposed to just proper writing lessons. Like, the Pioneer Policy tells you how to create a Pioneer page within the confines of our Wiki, the Analysis Policy tells you how to organize Analysis on our Wiki. This policy just tells you how to write correctly. Hmm, I guess that might make it a policy but this page seems distinctly different from our other two policy pages.--Eric.Yu 02:27, 30 April 2011 (UTC)
  • I thought this page looked familiar. kspoerke3

Citation Style Discussion

  • This section is to discuss what writing style should be used to cite sources on SFTropes. For Buzzpedia last semester, we used the Chicago manual of style, but there might be a different opinion this time. - pthakore1
  • While a bit last second, I feel like we could probably condense this article just a bit. Perhaps a category for some of the similar points? It doesn't quite fit for just "regular reading." --Jmayhue3 15:15, 29 April 2011 (UTC)
  • I see your point, but also it isn't really meant for regular read. It's more to give the people editing, writing, and contributing an idea what is and isn't fitting to the style of the wiki so I feel that detail is important. Just my opinion though. -pthakore1
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