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Terminator Salvation

In the movie John Connor is a Resistance fighter who tries saving humanity. His father, Kyle Reese, finds trouble with Skynet and ends up being captured. Marcus Wright tells Connor his father was captured. This could alter the life of John Connor if Reese was killed while at Skynet. To keep this from happening, he has to sneak in. But how? Marcus Wright was born a human and lived a human life. After being on death row, his life was given to a group of scientists who put him back together in a robot living form. Although he might look, talk, and bleed like a human, his bone structure and intelligence level was one of a robot. Because of this factor, John allows Marcus to help him find and save his father. Marcus, being clueless about his inhuman body, gets to Skynet safely without any terminators capturing him. By this point, you can see the robotic features that Marcus possesses. Marcus wants a second chance at life and decides to terminate his "computer chip" by ripping it out. He then goes and finds Kyle and helps John save his father.

Movie to Story Comparison

The Girl Who Was Plugged In

This movie from the Terminator series correlates to the short story "The Girl Who Was Plugged In." The girl who was plugged in, P. Burke, found herself following a list of rules given by her masters. In the movie, Marcus unknowingly being part robot, corresponds to this role as well. He ultimately was still being controlled by Skynet even though he felt like he had the power over his own life. In the end, Skynet was successful with his creation. Marcus led John Connor to their headquarters, just as Skynet wanted. Both Marcus and P. Burke lived one life and reborn in another. Overall, the concepts in both the movie and the short story are similar. The styles they were presented are of their own, for one was more action packed than the other and of course the gender of both are quite different.

Neuromancer and Schismatrix

These two novels have a lot in common with one of Terminator's main character Marcus. Marcus is a robot with human skin outside. Mechanists in Schismatrix keep trying to prefect themselves and find the perfect balance between human and machine. Marcus, according to SkyNet, is the perfect balance of robot and human. He gets the good characteristics of being able to live forever, as well having super strength, but yet can blend in and act human. Molly from Neuromancer has all these machine parts that make her a better fighter, like Marcus, who without his robotic super strenght, would have lost the final battle between him and the new Terminator robot.

He, She, and It

One of the main characters of He, She, and It, is Yod. Yod and Marcus are two characters who relate to each other very well. Yod is a robot built for the sole purpose of protecting Tikva. Marcus on the other hand, was constructed for the sole purpose of bringing down humanity, by serving up John Conner on a silver platter. Yod is a robot who wants to be viewed as a human. Marcus believed he was a human, before actually finding out that he was robot, and was devasted by this reveal. Yod ended up dying in the end, sacrificing himself in the end for the greater good and protecting his city of Tikva. Marcus ended up dying in the end of the movie to ensure that John Conner survives and can save the world of the terror of SkyNet.

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