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The Key is a 1990 concept album by Florida death metal band Nocturnus. The record was written to tell a story about an ancient conflict between the Christian God and Satan, which ends with a cyborg being sent back in time to murder Jesus Christ.


Musical Content

Track Listing

1. "Lake of Fire"
2. "Standing in Blood"
3. "Visions from beyond the Grave"
4. "Neolithic"
5. "Undead Journey"
6. "B.C./A.D. (Before Christ/After Death)"
7. "Andromeda Strain"
8. "Droid Sector"
9. "Destroying the Manger"
10. "Empire of the Sands"

The first half of the album concerns itself with both occultism and a dystopian future earth. The track "BC/AD" seems to suggest that man is naturally evil. Starting with "Droid Sector," the album follows the protagonist, zombie-turned-cyborg, who intercepts an alien android ship and sends himself back in time kill Jesus Christ. Once Jesus is dead, humanity experiences great technological advancement and uses computers to summon ancient Sumerian deities from the sand.

Connection to Class Themes

Clearly, the story presented in The Key is an example of technology rearranging communities. The protagonist cyborg takes it upon himself after being left in a dead and dystopian Earth to hijack an incoming robot spacecraft and use its time-traveling abilities to kill Jesus. Subsequently, mankind is able to use technology to become supreme being, building massive fortresses and spanning empires. The technology is also used summon ancient Gods, which presumably would have been impossible had the cyborg not traveled back in time.

The cyborg's journey is also an example of the streets finding its own use for things. Whereas the android were using the time-traveling spacecraft to wage interstellar war, the cyborg uses it to completely change the course of history and prevent Earth's downfall.

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