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Some people in Dr. Famiglietti's Spring 2011 classes, like me (ltolentino3), have never edited wiki before. This page is designed for you, the editor, to voice your opinions on editing the SFTropes wiki, whether you are a noob editor or a hardened veteran. Furthermore, this feedback page could potentially help Dr. Famiglietti on assessing to what extent we've accomplished the class goals. I'll start...


Ltolentino3: This has been a fresh, new experience for me. I never thought editing wikis would be this hard and tedious. Now, every time I view a Wikipedia article, I have a hard time imagining the amount of revisions a single page goes through every minute and how many people have contributed to it. I find it very interesting that while there are pages in SFTropes that have, after hours of meticulous editing and collaborating with peers, truly evolved into respectable articles, the results of horrendous and blind editing can turn awry. Also, I think I might join Wikipedia.

Ffogdemark3: Just like Ltolentino3 said, I never thought editing a wiki page would be this hard and tedious. I use wikipedia every other day and I have never before thought about all the work that has been put into it. I knew that regular people can contribute to it but I have never thought about how it actually works. After this I start to understand why teachers don't want students to use wikipedia as a source since anybody can put anything up there. But at the same time I appreciate wikipedia more and it's going to be more fun using it now when I know how it all works. 

Mc:I had no experience with editing wiki before taking this class. I pushed myself to learn the technique and the policy of editing. I could not say that I am a master of wiki editor, but I actually learned a lot from editing the wiki. Here is my result.The Matrix

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