Visual Essay: Man or Machine

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Machine Labor Vs. Human Labor

In todays world, the advancement of technology and replacement of human labor by machine labor has compelled people to think of machine labor as a threat, but there are so many things human labor cannot achieve that machine labor can.
Machine labor has helped us communicate with people from across the world in a much better and faster way, something human labor was unable to do.
Apart from being able to communicate with people from across the world, machine labor has also allowed us to reach from part of the planet to another much much faster than human labor could ever have.
Just like anything else in todays world, everything has two sides to it. The comfort of machine labor has made us rather lazy, and in many ways harmed us.
But at the same time technology has had its adverse effects on humanity. The comfort provided by the shift from a society dominated by human labor to a society dominated by machine labor has or rather is according to many destroying us.
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