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1. Analyses are to be separated into sections by the number of the group that is leading the class discussion.
2. Discussion of each group's chapters will be placed in their respective sections, under the questions. Discussion of each individual question will under a bolded and italicized version of the question.
3. Each group's questions will be linked in the page's table of contents for fast and easy access.

Implication and Details

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the formatting of each reading's analysis. Towards the beginning of the semester, people would simply answer as many of the discussion questions as they saw fit, post it at the bottom of the previous person's analysis and call it a day. This led to extremely disorganized analysis sections - there would essentially be independent miniature essays underneath the discussion questions in one disorderly chunk.

Some unhappy editors discussed the issue in the talk page for Schismatrix and proposed the above changes, with the laudable goal of making the Wiki much more accessible and easier to read. Fortunately, most of the discussed changes have already been implemented - only a few pages remain unimproved - making this a retroactive policy that will hopefully serve future generations of this Wiki.


Like the Pioneer Policy page states, the purpose of this Wiki is to further the discussion of class themes and topics through the selections we read. It's difficult to read large chunks of disorganized and disorderly text whose subject switches at the whim of each individual author. Therefore, the above policy is proposed to ease the burden on potential readers.

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