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On BoingBoing and Badges days, we will spend our class meeting discussing short examples of hacker culture suggested by the class, and working on badge applications. No reading will be assigned for these meetings.

For further discussion and to bolster editing and drafting requirements please visit Boing Boing Discussion page to vent your thoughts about the class discussion.

Hacker Culture Produces Neat Results


Suggested Sources for Examples

You can find examples of hacker culture in many, many locations online. Here are just a few places to check:

How to Submit Examples

Add your suggested example to the list below. Copy the format of the first example listed as a guide. Be sure to include a brief explanation of how the example demonstrates class themes! As we discuss examples in class, they will be crossed off.

Past Examples

These are lists for BoingBoing examples from the past semesters.

BoingBoing Spring 2011

Discussion page

Boing Boing Discussion

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