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China is one of the few countries in the world wherecommunism still exists. The communist ideals have shaped the development and the business ethic of China. It has led China on the path to become a super power in the near future. But, it also had a side effect, communism in China has resulted in the ignorance of its people. Resulting in high poverty.



The rise of Communism in China was due to a man named Mao Zedong. He was poorly educated as a child but intelligent. Zedong left home and became a member of the Nationalist Army by the beginning of the Great Revolution in 1911. He was powerfully influenced by the philosophies of Marxism.

Following the Boxer Rebellion of 1900, China's citizens experienced grief, extreme poverty, and starvation, resulting in the loss of many innocent lives. This led to the acceptance of men like Zedong and the Communist philosophies of Karl Marx. After being under the rule of warlords, many Chinese began joining revolutionary groups and political parties in order to change their country. During and after the Great Revolution, China saw several movements which strongly fostered the path into Communism.

Connection To Tropes

China is directly related to the trope Work. China is also connected to the tropes Property and Commons by pushing its communist ideals on its people and the businesses. China also has a lot of strict privacy laws. It has banned the social networking site Facebook and maintains stiff control over the media.

Connection To Readings

Return to Pleasure Island

Total control by a figure in power is a major theme of Return to Pleasure Island. Similarly, the people of China are controlled by the Communist government. They do not have a lot of freedom and are lulled into believing that the system is there to help them. In the book itself the monsters believe that they have got the best deal. They get to convert children into donkeys and catch them. They believe that they are controlling the system, but in reality they are only a small part of the system that controls them. They are manipulated and eventually are turned to donkeys themselves, with the exception of George.


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