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Archaeology pages are pages from previous years that have been "revived" to meet the new themes of the class. There are hundreds of pages in this wiki that can be revived. They just need to be found.


There is a link on the side of the wiki called Special pages. This is a good place to look for pages that need attention. The random page button also works well.

Types of Old Pages You May Find

Visual Essay - These pages consist of a series of pictures. There is likely not much that can be done to repurpose them.
Proposed Tropes/Working Tropes - These are the most promising pages, as good tropes are widely applicable and may appear in the current semesters readings as well
Fiction Work Pages - These are pages created about specific works somewhat related to the old working tropes.
Spam - enough said

How to Add

To add pages to a category, add the following markdown: [[Category:Archaeology]]


This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total.

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