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[[Image:Edit Button.jpg|thumb|left|180px|Here is an image of where the "edit" button is located.]]<br>  
[[Image:Edit Button.jpg|thumb|left|180px|Here is an image of where the "edit" button is located.]]<br>  

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Here is an image of where the "edit" button is located.

Editing the wiki can be a bit different from editing a normal text document. Thankfully a "What You See Is What You Get" (a.k.a. WYSIWYG) editor has been installed to assist in making editing the wiki an easier process.


Quick Start

Adding a New Page

  1. Search for the name of your page. If it doesn't exist, it will give you the option of creating it.

Linking Pages

  • If the page is on the wiki, you can easily link to it by putting the name of the page in double square brackets, such as this: [[name]].
  • You can also use the Ab button
  • If the page is external, use single square brackets and add the title of the page after the url, such as [www.google.com Google].
  • You can also use the globe button to do the same.

Adding a Picture


  1. First you need to upload the picture by clicking 'upload file' on the toolbox on the left
  2. Go to the page where you want to insert the picture and click edit.
  3. On the Rich Editor toolbar on top, click on the symbol of a picture.
  4. A new window will pop up. Enter the name of the file and it should find it. Click upload.
  5. Adjust the size, style, alignment, or add a caption to the picture

Resize an image to fit within reasonable dimensions, according to user preferences (suitable for images whose height is larger than width). Note that the image will always retain its aspect ratio, and can only be reduced (not increased) in size unless it's in a scalable media type (bitmap images cannot be scaled up). Also, remember that pictures need be placed in a place where it will keep consistency with the page. The best place is usually at the top right corner. The size shouldn't exceed 200 by 300 or it would look out of proportion.

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