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Welcome to SFTropes

Class Logo

During Spring 2011, this wiki is being used in support of English 1102: "Reading Cyberpunk/Being Cyberpunk." We will be using the wiki to continue our discussion of questions about technology, society, and culture raised by both cyberpunk fiction and the practice of hacking.

These questions include:

  • Who or what decides how technology will be used? Who or what should decide?
  • How does technology (including language) allow us to exceed the limits of our bodies?
  • What are the implications of technology allowing us to exceed the limits of our bodies?
  • How does technology re-arrange communities? How do communities re-arrange technology?

Our discussions of these questions will be guided by the Discursive Point of View.

We will discuss these questions while building hacker projects of our own and reading the following short stories and novels(see below).

A list of all hacker projects worked on by groups in this class can be found at the Project Brainstorming page.

This wiki had a previous life as Working Tropes, when it was devoted solely to issues of labor in science fiction. The articles from that era remain on the site and can be incorporated into the current work wherever they may be appropriate. 

Here is a quick link to all the pages on this Wiki.

Announcements, and News Current Assignments
  • As of Monday, May 2nd, 2011, you should be finished with both of your English classes at Georgia Tech. Congratulations and have a great college career at Georgia Tech!
  • Final Portfolio due Friday at midnight.
  • Remember Wiki edits must be done by Friday at midnight and Badges are due by Monday.
  • Good luck on Finals and have a great summer!
Short Stories Novels Non-fiction Selections

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