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  1. Pioneer Pages are allowed to be constructed in a format that requests reflection and feedback from the actual editors of the wiki.
  2. Consequently, pioneer pages are one of the exceptions to the first person writing policy in the Wiki Writing and Language Policy.

Implications and Details

  • Many of the pioneer pages already developed on the wiki are questions about the class or other projects which require reflections by the editors. Examples of these types of pages include: What Do You Think of the Badges?, How do you like this class?, and What Have Been Your Favorite and Worst Readings from Class?.
  • The Wiki Writing and Language Policy of this wiki states that the use of first person writing is only acceptable on the discussion/talk pages of the wiki. It clarifies that first person should not be on any other section of the page, while the second statute of this policy establishes the above mentioned types of pioneer pages as exceptions to this rule. Meaning that the contributions to the main sections of these pages are, in fact, allowed to be written in first person.


The purpose of this wiki is to provide an electronic medium to further discussion of class materials and ideas. This policy allows the wiki to expand its limits on the styles of writing in order to more fully achieve this purpose. As of now, there is no better way to organize and format these pages in a way that would not require first person, based on the content that these types of pages contain.


This policy only concerns Pioneer Pages, it does not apply to archaeology finds which should still be written in the same manner as all other pages on the wiki.

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