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This page is to serve as a tutorial/guide for the creation of your portfolio

Setting up Your Portfolio

Step 1

1. Log into your Emma account and click on "Projects" along the top.
2. Click Upload to upload your file

  • Alternatively, you can click on "Create Link" to create a link to a webpage should you need it.

3. Click Browse and select the file you want to upload.

Step 2

1. Upload the file under the respective assignment that it originates from.
2. Upload your original files as Stage 1 documents and your final drafts as Stage 2 documents.
3. Make sure to set the Access of the file to "Peers." Then hit "Submit."

Step 3

1. Select "Portfolio" from the options along the top.
2. Select "Add to Portfolio"
3. When the "Add to Portfolio" menu appears, select the assignment that the file you wish to upload is under. Then click "Add" next to the file you wish to add to your portfolio.

Step 4

1. Save your drafts for your artifacts under "Open Portfolio" and set your files to the proper order.

  • Only your Portfolio Reflection Document should be saved under "Biography."

2. Click "Submit." Congratulations, your files have successfully been add to your portfolio!

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