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The Discursive Point of View is an important guidelines for the Working Tropes Wiki. Like Wikipedia's Neutral Point of View the Discursive Point of View is meant to help guide editors in deciding what content is appropriate for the Wiki.


Like Wikipedia, [1]the Working Tropes Wiki seeks to represent a variety of different Points of View fairly, and to encourage editors to write serious and well reasoned content. However, unlike Wikipedia,
which seeks to document facts that have already published in reliable sources, Working Tropes Wiki encourages editors to write based on their own original understandings of our reading material.


This does not, however, mean that anything goes. The Discursive Point of View calls on editors to make sure that contributions to Working tropes wiki meet the following conditions:

  • All contributions to the wiki should be supported by specific and referenced examples from the Reading list or Supplemental reading
  • All contributions to the wiki should attempt to make and support arguable statements as defined in section 15b of the class e-book
  • All contributions should reflect careful and deliberate consideration of the reading material and class discussions
  • All contributions should make a unique addition to the discussion of our issues, rather than simply re-iterating ideas already discussed
  • All contributions should show respect to other opinions and take them into account

How to decide if content meets the conditions

The first, and best way to determine if something meets the above conditions is to discuss any content you feel might not fit the guideline with all involved editors. Talk things over on the appropriate talk page and try to find a way to reach consensus. Some content may need to be edited to more clearly show how it is supported by the class readings, or more directly demonstrate the author's reasoning. Other content may need to be merged with similar material. In some cases, content may need to be removed.

If agreement cannot be reached among the effected parties, the class instructor will resolve the issue. However, this should be a last resort.

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