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This page provides answers for Frequently Asked Questions about using and contributing to Working Tropes Wiki. If you have a question not covered by the existing FAQ, ask it under the New Questions section below.



Getting Started

  • How do I edit this wiki?
    • You must be logged in to edit this wiki. To log in, or apply for an account click here. Once you are logged in, click the "edit" tab near the top of the page to start editing!
  • Can I really edit any page on the wiki?
    • Almost any page! A few are restricted for the purposes of maintaining the academic project goals.
  • What if I mess something up?
    • Its ok! The wiki saves all previous revisions of the page, so you can always revert to an earlier version. English 1102 students working on this wiki should recall the instructions that were given for reverting a page earlier in the semester. If you didn't get these instructions, or need a reminder, these instructions should help.

Project Goals

  • Are the Project Goals negotiable?
    • No. The project goals must remain as they are for the assignment to meet the needs of our class at Georgia Tech.
  • What will the Working Tropes Wiki look like when it is done?
    • No one knows! Its an experiment! The Working Tropes Wiki can evolve in any direction that meets the learning outcomes specified in the project goals. There are no right answers.


  • Where should I add content related to a particular class reading?
    • Consider adding content to the work page associated with this reading. For example, you might add thoughts and reactions to our first reading to the page for Wealth of Nations.


  • How do I format text on the Wiki? I can't find a bold or italic button anywhere...
    • Formatting text on the wiki uses a markup language where formatting is added by adding special characters to the text. This cheatsheet, developed by wikipedia (which uses the same wiki software that we do), explains the basic codes one should use for formatting.
    • You can also enable a rich editor mode, which provides an editing environment not unlike a word processor. To do so, click "rich editor" on the editing screen.
  • How do I sign comments on the talk pages?
    • Use the signature button, the second button from the right at the top of the editing window. If you are using the standard editor (not the rich editor) you can also sign your comment by typing four tildas, "~~~~".


  • How do I know if I'm keeping up on the wiki assignment?
    • You should review the badges section of the wiki assignment to understand what the assignment expects you to complete.


New Questions

If you have a question not addressed above, ask it here. If you know the answer to a question asked here, go ahead and answer it!

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